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Further Reading

If the information on this website has whetted your appetite, you may also consider the following resources interesting.

"How to Brew" by John Palmer

This completely free E-book deals with all the ins and outs of home brewing, and is intended to give the novice brewer a head start. It deals with everything from brewing your first kit to progressing into full mash brewing. This is highly recommended reading for the interested novice. There are two types of home brewers in the world: those who have read this book, and those who should have.

A Beginner's Guide to Homebrewing

An introduction to home brewing aimed at the novice, including a list of links to various articles with comprehensive information on the brewing process, beer styles, hops, recipes, the chemistry of brewing, and what not. A highy recommended starting point for the beginning home brewer!

The Wort Hog Brewers

The Wort Hog Brewers is a South African based beer brewing club dedicated to the art and science of making good beer. Their website is a resource for members and hopefully an inspiration for others to get involved in one of life's finest hobbies. It provides recipes, lists of suppliers, scheduled events, and tons of other items of interest.

The SouthYeasters Home Brewing Club

This is a club of beer brewing enthusiasts living in and around Cape Town. Their website also provides a wealth of information.

The Brewer's Friend

This website contains a number of printable resources (brew day sheets, recipe templates, check lists, etc.) as well as various online tools (recipe formulator, calculators, etc.). There are also many tips and tricks to be found. A valuable tool for the home brewer!

A Primer on Priming

This article gives you a comprehensive overview of how much priming sugar to use in which beer style. If you want to carbonate your beer exactly to style, this page is one of the best places to start.


BYO (Brew Your Own) is a comprehensive home brewing magazine that features regular articles on all aspects of home brewing. It highlights the various beer styles and discusses how to brew them, including recipes. It also frequently discusses home brewing equipment and gives you tips on how to build your own. Higly recommended!

Beer-friendly Fruit

Fruit beers are becoming more and more popular. This section of the Brew Wiki deals with various types of fruit and how to use them in your beer.
Brew Wiki: Fruit

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