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Home Brewing Calculators

A variety of online homebrew calculators is available on the Internet. Some of the most popular (and generally considered the best) ones are listed below.

Brewer's Friend

The Brewers Friend website contains a lot of background information on home brewing, especially on recipe formulation, and has an impressive array of very good online calculators available to, among other things, determine alcohol strength, hydrometer temperature corrections, bitterness, colour, water chemistry and what not. A full online recipe builder package lets you design your recipes from scratch.

Brew Toad

Despite its peculiar name, the Brew Toad website provides isome aluable tools for the home brewer, including an Alcohol Calculator, a Colour Conversion Calculator, a Hydrometer Temperature Correction Calculator, a Malt Potential Extraction Calculator, a Mash Infusion Calculator, a Mash Water Calculator and a Yeast Pitching Rate Calculator.
Main URL:

Mr. Malty

The Mr. Malty website is best known as a resource of information on yeast. The Mr. Malty Yeast Pitching Rate Calculator is highly recommended.
Main URL:

(URLs accurate as of April 2018 - please report broken links if you find any!)

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