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Weiss-Bix (beer kit + grain recipe)

This recipe takes an original and creative approach on brewing a German Weiss style, using a beer kit and Weet-Bix™. Thanks to Brew for Africa customer Robbie Cooper for this one! Makes 20 litres.



Bring 3 liters of water to the boil and add the Weet-Bix, optionally using a grain steeping bag. Boil for 30 minutes. Strain (or remove the grain steeping bag and let it drain). Let cool with the lid on the pot. Placing the pot in the sink and running cold water around it will help to speed up the cooling process.

Clean and santitize a fermenter and other brewing equipment. Add some hot water, the beer kit and brew blend to the fermenter and stir to dissolve. Add the boiled Weet-Bix liquid. Then top up the fermenter with cold water to 20 litres (even though beer kits are generally meant for batch sized of 23 liters / 6 gallons) and pitch the Weissbier yeast. Discard the yeast supplied with the beer kit or put it aside for use with another brew. Let ferment as usual. Do not add beer finings. Bottle and let mature for at least 4 weeks.

Note that the flavour produced by wheat beer yeasts is very much dependent on the fermentation temperature. Generally the recommended fermentation temperature is 15-24°C. (Check the product data sheet for the yeast you use for its recommended temperature range.) At the low end of this range the yeast will produce mostly phenols (resulting in spicy flavours of cloves) while at the high end the fruity esters will dominate (resulting in banana-like flavours). An intermediate temperature will produce a balance of the two.

(Note: while we have taken care to check this recipe for accuracy, we can take no responsibility for any errors that might have slipped through. Check when in doubt.)

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