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Premium Golden Ale (beer kit + grain recipe)

A full-flavoured, warm-gold to coppery coloured ale that balances body with drinkability. Makes 20 litres. Estimated ABV: 4.5%.



Heat a large pot of water (5-10L) to 75°C and add the crushed grains to it, optionally using a grain steeping bag. Maintain temperature between 60 and 68°C (do NOT exceed 70°) and steep for 45 minutes. Strain into a pot and boil for 30 minutes WITHOUT THE LID ON THE POT. Turn off the heat and add the first 20 grams of hop pellets. Stir and let stand for 5 minutes.

Cool rapidly (e.g. by placing the pot into a sink filled with cold water or ice). Add the beer kit, liquid malt extract and the cooled wort to the fermenter, leaving the spent hops and other solids behind in the pot. Top up with cold water to 20 litres. Pitch the fermentis yeast and let ferment usual. Discard the yeast supplied with the beer kit or put it aside for use with another brew. Add the second 20 grams of hop pellets to the fermenter three days after fermentation starts. Let ferment as usual and bottle. Let mature for at least 4 weeks.

(Note: while we have taken care to check this recipe for accuracy, we can take no responsibility for any errors that might have slipped through. Check when in doubt.)

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