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Marilyn - Sexy Blonde (no-boil beer kit recipe)

This easy-drinking blonde beer is the perfect companion for a summer evening or a weekend by the pool. Refined yet unassuming, well balanced yet light in body with an enticing hint of citrus, this is the sort of beer that calls for more. Makes 20 litres.


Note: This recipe is also avalable as a ready-to-brew recipe pack.


Add about 3 liters of hot water to a cleaned and sterilized fermenter. Add the beer kit and malt extract and stir to dissolve. Top up with cold water to a total volume of 20 liters and pitch the Fermentis yeast. Discard the yeast supplied with the beer kit or put it aside for use with another brew.

Ferment as usual. After 3 days of fermentation, add the hops. Once fermentation is complete, bottle in clean, sterilized bottles, adding carbonation tablets or drops Let mature at room temperature for at least 4 weeks.

Approximate Original Gravity: 1.048. Estimated finishing gravity: 1.010. Estimated alcohol by volume: 4.9%.

(Note: while we have taken care to check this recipe for accuracy, we can take no responsibility for any errors that might have slipped through. Check when in doubt.)

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