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Cascade IPA (full grain recipe)

An interesting American IPA variety using only Cascade hops.

Recipe Characteristics

Batch Notes

Pre-boil volume: 23L. Estimated post-boil volume: 20L.





Mash at 67°C for 60 minutes or until saccharification is complete. Boil for 60 minutes. Add the first hop addtion at the start of the boil (i.e. boil this hop addition for 60 minutes). Add the second hop addition 30 minutes into the boil (i.e. boil this hop addition for 30 minutes). Add the Irish Moss 50 minutes into the boil (i.e. 0 minutes before the end of the boil). Add the third hop addition at flameout (end of boil) and steep for 5 minutes. Chill the wort, transfer to fermenter and pitch yeast. Add the dry hop addition to the fermenter 3 days after the start of the fermentation. Transfer the beer to a secondary fermenter 7 days later (i.e. after 10 days of fermentation in total) leaving the hops behind in the primary fermenter. Secondary fermentation for another two weeks is recommended to help the hops mellow a little out more quickly.

As with all highly hopped styles, a lengthy botle or keg conditioning will be requir for the hop flavours to calm down to a more balanced level.

To make 25L instead of 20 increase the amount of all ingredients except the Irish Moss by 25%.

(Note: while we have taken care to check this recipe for accuracy, we can take no responsibility for any errors that might have slipped through. Check when in doubt.)

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