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Yeast plays an important part in the formation of the flavour profile of any fermented beverage, especially in beers. While the yeasts supplied with our beer kits are excellent, they are designed to be robust and forgiving, which comes at the price of a more neutral flavour profile. Using a specialized yeast for a given beer style will generally result in a better beer. However keep in mind that with specialized yeasts the fermentation temperature is more critical than with the yeasts supplied with our beer kits.

In order to be able to offer these imported yeasts to our customers at affordable prices, some or all of the yeasts on offer here may have been repacked from bulk, under sterile conditions in multi-layer barrier foils and under vacuum or inert gas, thus preserving quality and purity.

Homebrew South Africa H26 - German Weizen Yeast (formerly B6)
Homebrew South Africa H26 - German Weizen Yeast (formerly B6)
Art. nr. B11314
Product Description
This dry brewing yeast produces the typical flavours so characteristic of German Weizen styles. Like all yeasts of this strain, its flavour profile is highly dependent on the fermentation temperature, producing a combination of cloves and other spicy phenols at lower temperatures with fruity esters (especially banana) at higher temperatures. Makes for crisp, refreshing and very drinkable Weizen styles such as Kristalwiezen, Hefeweizen, Dunkel and Weizenbock.

Similar to: White Labs WLP380, WYeast 3333, Fermentis WB-06.

Attenuation: very high. Flocculation: low. Fruity esters: high. Spicy phenols: high. Fermentation temperature: 14-26°C (phenol/ester balance depends on temperature). For 25 L. (Datasheet available for download.)
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