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  Home Bru'ing By Frank Van Wensveen
Home Bru'ing By Frank Van Wensveen
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Brewing your own beer at home is a great hobby that is quickly gaining popularity in South Africa. However, most brewing literature and recipes (including those found in abundance on the World Wide Web) have been written by American authors, for an American audience, assuming that American grains, adjuncts, hops and yeasts will be used to brew American interpretations of the various beer styles.

This book focuses primarily on the South African home brewer. It explains the basics as well as the more advanced aspects of brewing, based on what the average South African home brewer has available to start out with. Where necessary, specific references to the South African market for brewing ingredients and accessories have been included. Whenever calculations are being discussed, the formulas have been adjusted for metric units, i.e. they use kilograms and litres rather than pounds, ounces, gallons and such.

Combining the practical basics of home brewing with just enough of the principles behind them, this book should give the beginning home brewer not only a basic set of brewing skills but also the essential background required to understand why things need to be done in this way or that. This makes this book especially suited for use as a teaching aid for brewing courses and the like.

See the Table of Contents for an overview of subjects discussed. SECOND PRINTING WITH AMENDMENTS.
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