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Weyermann Caramunich Type III Malt 53.1-60.6°L (1kg)
Weyermann Caramunich Type III Malt 53.1-60.6°L (1kg)
Art. nr. B12229
Product Description
This medium crystal malt is one of the most commonly used caramel and crystal malts. Not to be confused with the Munich base malt, with which it has nothing to do. It adds a measurable sweetness and caramel flavor to a variety of beer styles. Well suited for many English, Belgian and American style milds, porters, stouts and bitters, and is often used in small quantities to adjust the flavour and colour balance of just about any type of beer. This is a crystal malt which can be steeped and does not need mashing (but can be mashed along with other base malts). Can be used as a substitute for Briess Crystal 60, Medium Crystal malt, Fawcett Dark Crystal type 1, Medium Caramel malt and Caramel Munich.

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