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Weyermann Carahell (Light Crystal) Malt 8.1-11.8°L (1kg)
Weyermann Carahell (Light Crystal) Malt 8.1-11.8°L (1kg)
Art. nr. B12224
Product Description
Crystal malt is essentially pale malt which has undergone a heating and "stewing" process to convert some of the starches into sugars inside the kernel, which are then caramelized into longer chains that are not converted into simple sugars during mashing. This results in a more malty, caramel-sweet, fuller tasting beer. Light Crystal malt can add sweetness, fullness and roundness the the flavour of any beer style. This is a crystal malt which can be steeped and does not need mashing (but can be mashed along with other base malts). Can be used as a substitute for Briess Crystal 10 malt, Muntons Carapils, Fawcett Caramalt, Castel Cara-Blonde, Baird Carastan, and similar malts.

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