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Weyermann Munich Type II Malt 8.1-9.9°L (1kg)
Weyermann Munich Type II Malt 8.1-9.9°L (1kg)
Art. nr. B12047
Product Description
A rich, golden malt that provides a modest colour increase toward a nice, golden-orange tint. Adds a pronounced grainy, malty flavour to many beer styles without affecting the foam stability and body. Also used in small quantities in combination with Pilsener malt to produce light coloured beers, improving the malty flavour and giving the beer a richer colour. Enhances the taste of character beers. Used in pale ales and in amber, brown, strong and dark beers in quantities up to 60% of the total grain bill. Can be used as a substitute for any brand of Munich Malt. This is a base malt with a relatively low diastatic power which must be mashed in combination with other malts.

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