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Stovetop Beer Kits

Our new range of stove top beer kits is made from locally sourced ingredients. They are a step up from regular beer kits (tins or pouches of wort concentrate) and they generally produce a better tasting beer. Brewing a stove top beer requires a sufficiently large pot (8-10 litres or so, a pressure cooker or pasta pot will do nicely) and for most beers you will also need a thermometer with a 0-100°C scale. A grain steeping bag is highly recommended. Brewing these beers involves making a wort from he malt extract included in the beer kit, boiling that wort with hops, cooling the wort and transferring it to the fermenter before topping it up with water and letting the beer ferment. But don't worry: a step-by-step manual is included, and brewing these beers is easy and fun. First in the range is an easily drinkable and affordable lager kit. More beers will be added to the range soon, including an American IPA, an Irish stout as well as amber, English and Belgian ales.

Homebrew South Africa La Recesión Stovetop Beer Kit
Homebrew South Africa La Recesión Stovetop Beer Kit
Art. nr. B11362
Product Description
La Recesión was inspired by the rising costs of imported home brewing beer kits. It is a highly drinkable , budget-friendly and no-nonsense craft lager without any unnecessary bells and whistles. It is light bodied; crisply yet moderately hopped, with a slightly fruity but clean palate and a smooth, balanced finish. It will appeal to both the novice craft beer drinkers and the seasoned beer aficionado. ¡Viva la Recesión!

  • Batch size: 20 litres
  • OG: 1.036
  • FG: 1.001 - 1.005 (Note that the finishing gravity for this beer is very low for a kit beer!)
  • ABV: 4.2 - 4.6% before priming (about 4.4 - 4.8% after bottle conditioning)
  • IBU: 19-21 (exact value depending on boil times, pot sizes, altitude and the vigour of the boil)

These are estimated values; your actual results may vary slightly.

What's in the box:

  • Dry malt extracts
  • Hops
  • Brew blend
  • Yeast and yeast nutrients
  • Beer finings
  • Brewing manual

You will need the following equipment and consumables (not included):

  • An 8-10L pot with stirring spoon or brewing paddle;
  • A fermenter and cleaning/sterilizing agents for same;
  • Optional: a hydrometer;
  • Bottles and caps.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing agents
  • Priming sugar or carbonation drops

Note: unlike brew cans, this beer does NOT require the purchase of an additional brew blend; this is already in the box and included in the price.

For more details download manual in PDF format.
R 390.00 (excl. shipping)
Limited stock (5 or less)
Brew for Africa Grain Steeping Bag
Brew for Africa Grain Steeping Bag
Art. nr. B01188
Product Description
A food-grade mesh steeping bag, ideally for partial mashes or for steeping crystal malts in a brew pot. Will hold up to about 1 kg of crushed grains. Fine mesh, reusable, and easy to clean. Dimensions: 26cm wide x 31 cm high.
R 155.00 (excl. shipping)
In stock

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