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Cider kits

Brew for Africa has recently started development on an all-new range of South African cider kits. Produced from locally produced fruit concentrates, these kits are of a much better quality than the average imported products, which tend to be largely made from glucose syrup and artificial flavourings with only a small amount of fruit extracts. The apple cider kit is the first in this product range. More flavours to follow!

Homebrew South Africa Apple Cider Brew Pack
Homebrew South Africa Apple Cider Brew Pack
Art. nr. B11151
Product Description
This apple cider is produced from only South African ingredients. Its main component is pure apple juice concentrate. It will produce a cider that is on par with any commercially produced craft cider, and comes complete with apple aroma, brew blend, yeast & yeast nutrient and beer finings (not included are cleaning and sterilizing powders, carbonation drops and crown seals). Makes 20 liters of cider at 5 to 5.5% ABV.
R 349.00 (excl. shipping)
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